Loose Covers


What is a loose cover?

A loose cover is any cover that can be removed for washing. A loose cover does not have to be loose fitting. Usually a loose cover is well tailored and secured by Velcro. This is a good option if you want to change the look of your furniture without changing the fabric underneath. We hold an excellent range of hard wearing washable fabrics. 


Chair BEFORE loose cover has been fitted

In this example the customer wanted to change the look of a perfectly sound chair (the gold coloured chair) in order to fit into the colour scheme of a particular room


Chair AFTER loose cover has been fitted

In this example the blue loose cover has been fitted with a skirt as this customer wished to hide the legs. The picture at the top of the page (purple and orange chair) shows a more modern implementation of a loose cover without a skirt.

Fixed covers


What is a fixed cover?

A fixed cover is any cover that is permanently attached to the frame of the chair. This is more suitable for furniture that is more complicated in shape or when the fabric chosen isn't washable.


Chaise Lounge BEFORE upholstering

A fixed cover would be more suitable if the underlying upholstery of the furniture is very obviously damaged as shown. In this example the furniture was stripped back to the frame and fitted with new webbing and springs as well as having frame repairs and refinishing.


Chaise Lounge AFTER reupholstering

Fixed covers are especially suitable when there is a large amount of show wood as in this example. The edges of the fabric can be trimmed using decorative braid, double piping or antique nails